How word credits work

How word credits work and consumed.

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Word credits

  • These are the monthly word credits that are included with your monthly subscription.
  • Each subscription plan is given a monthly word credit amount that automatically resets at the start of each billing cycle, regardless of usage.
  • These do not roll over to the next month.
  • You can adjust your plan word credits by contacting support with the new desired word credit cap you need.

Counting Credits

You have a limit of words that can be consumed per month.

How much is generating email templates or personalized sentences going to cost me? Here is how it works:

  • Email and sentence premises will consume a certain amount of words based on the total amount of words present in the premise. This includes the examples, and what the AI knows.
  • If you have longer input data and longer sentences it will consume more words 
  • if you have a shorter sentence or email premises they will consume fewer words.
  • Just as before if the contact is missing data and the premise cannot be generated no words will be consumed. 

You can always reference your account settings to know how many words have been used this month and how many are left based on your current plan.

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