Release notes June 2022 / Version 2

Recent June release of Copyfactory

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V2 is here and brings us one step closer to our goal of helping sales teams write more effective sales messaging. The first observation you might make is a new user interface with branding that is more consistent and (we hope) more appealing. We have also added more help resources throughout the app should you get stuck.

Let's get into the changes.

Contact playbooks

Before, you were able to create one personalized sentence for each contact that you uploaded. This became a challenge when you wanted to generate more than one and make better use of your prospect research.

Playbooks let you create as many dynamic snippet fields (what we are calling sentence fields) and create as many personalized sentences for your contacts as you need. 

Want to personalize your first email, Linkedin touchpoint, and 3rd email? Now you can.

With this new feature here are the updates:

  1. When you create a contact you will select a playbook to run. A playbook can be as simple as one personalized sentence for your contact or 10+.
  2. Instead of one contact field being called "sentence" you can create as many "sentence fields" as you need to personalize to your heart's desire.
  3. "Sentence fields" will be available to export in your contacts table and are identified by the "tag" icon.
  4. You can download custom research templates that give you a CSV with the columns you need to run this playbook. Download the research template, enter your prospect data and upload it to Copyfactory to start the personalization process. 
  5. You can export your sentence fields from the contacts table.

Email premises

The sequence editor had a copywriting assistant but it was static and didn't allow for much flexibility. With this new update, you will be able to add "email premises" that generate email templates in seconds by answering a few questions.

You can now easily create your own email premises that match your company's approach and iterate on messaging faster than ever. 

With this new feature here are the updates: 

  1. Email premise builder that let you build your own AI-generated email templates or modify our templates.
  2. "input fields" that let you create custom inputs in the email premise builder.
  3. Generate email templates right in the sequence editor or through the API.


We know how important it is to get up and running quickly. Now, when you create a new profile you will be prompted to add both email and sentence premise templates.

We have added templates for generating entire emails, sections of emails, and personalization ideas for your contacts using custom research and our contact enrichment.

We will be adding new templates periodically as well based on your suggestions and use cases.

Integration sync 

We completely redid how contacts are pushed to your sales tools. Before it was unclear if some contacts were successfully synced or not based on integrations having errors or being rate limited. 

The new logic has a much smaller chance of an error and you can filter to know which contacts were synced and when to easily create or update contacts without hopping between your tools. 


The Zapier integration had been updated and now lets you create contacts using custom research. Also, more of your contact data can be used in subsequent zap steps. 


The API lets you query profiles, sentence premises, and email premises, and most importantly generate AI-generated emails or personalized sentences programmatically. You can now build custom personalization or email generation workflows.


With the recent change to playbooks. It no longer made sense to have uploading one contact deduct 1 credit. Also, with the introduction of email premises and the premise builder, the pricing needed to evolve.

Now, rather than having a credit equal to one uploaded contact you have a limit of words that can be consumed per month and enrichment credits are purchased separately and never expire.

What does this mean practically? 

In a nutshell, it costs less to personalize contacts and generate content than it did before. 

For example, if you were to upload a contact today it would cost roughly $0.30 depending on the plan you are on which provided you with one personalized sentence. 

If we were to leave the pricing untouched this would mean it would cost you just shy of $1 to create 3 personalized sentences (0.30 X 3 = $0.90). We didn't think this was fair, especially considering one of your sentences might be a shorter personalized sentence to be used on LinkedIn.

With the new pricing model generating 3 personalized sentences would cost you roughly $0.50.

You also gain economies of scale as you purchase higher plans driving the cost down further. 

From the test we ran, everyone will be able to generate more sentences and email templates than previously. 

How much is generating email templates or personalized sentences going to cost me? Here is how it works:

  • Email and sentence premises will consume a certain amount of words based on the total amount of words present in the premise. 
  • If you have longer input data and longer sentences it will consume more words.
  • if you have a shorter sentence or email premises they will consume fewer words.
  • Just as before if the contact is missing data and the premise cannot be generated no words will be consumed. 

We have also credited every existing user with a higher word limit and enrichment credits than the plan allows as a way of saying thank you.

Wrapping up

This newest release also includes a number of patches, bug fixes, and small tweaks. We look forward to hearing your feedback and working with you to continue improving the product.

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